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DSR?- Flue gas desulfurization and SO2 removal technology

DSR process is a desulfurization method to recover SO2 in flue gas, which has outstanding effect in environmental protection. The emission could meet the required “ultra-low emission requirement”, which leads to SO2 less than 35mg/Nm3 and even lower as required.
DSR process can also eliminate Hg and dust in the meanwhile (dust ≤5mg/Nm3).
The desulfurization in this method doesn’t use NH3, CaO, NaOH as usual,and no wasted production will be produced, the recovered SO2 can be used to produce sulfuric acid or sulfur (chemical industry).
DSR process can be used to all SO2 emission occasions, for example, coal-fired power plant, chemical boiler, building materials, steel industries.

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Flue gas coming from coal or oil burning combustors and heaters in petrochemical plant contains 100~3000ppm SO2 and NOx. Through cooperation with domestic universities, overseas engineering companies and catalyst producers, Keyon Process provides clients with highly efficient and reliable desulfurization and denitration solutions.We adopt a unique solvent that has highly selective and strong SOadsorption . The solvent can deeply remove SO2 in flue gas to make tail gas meet ultra-low SO2 emission requirement ( SO2≤35mg/Nm3). SO2 in the solvent can be desorbed for regeneration usage, in the meantime released SO2 can be used to produce sulfur or sulfuric acid.

The core of DSR process is DSR solvent that is highly selective to adsorbing SO2, with minimum adsorption to CO2, H2O and N2 etc.. Hence, the solvent has superb desulfurization ability in treating SO2 contiaining flue gas or tail gas.

SO2 enriched DSR solvent can be regenerated by heating and releasing of SO2. Based on reasonable chemical composition, the DSR solvent has stable adsoption and strong desorption ability that ensures the release of SO2 is easily achieved by heating, and leads to low energy consumption.

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