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  • Process Engineer
  • shanghai
  • two
  • Bachelor's degree or above
  • Unlimited
  • 2018-05-23
  • 2018-08-23
Monthly salary :Negotible Nature of work :Full Time Position category :
Working place:Shanghai/India/other cities in South East Asia/Middle Asia,and Latin America Hands-on background :Unlimited

Job description:
1. Process design and selection of process scheme in projects.
2. Equipment selection (pumps and blowers etc.) under the assistance from other disciplines(electrical, instrumentation).
3. Specify design conditions for nonstandard equipment(pressure vessels), and communicate with design institute for equipment fabrication drawings.
4. Prepare datasheet for instruments( mainly for temperature, pressure, flow, hydrostatic pressure etc.), assist instrument engineer for selection of instruments.
5.Specify process control logic for control and instrument engineer to complete control system design.
6.Prepare design conditions for other disciplines in design institutes, including equipment layout and piping disciplines. Review and check design document made by design institute.
7.Supervise site installation as representative of process discipline.
Prepare operational manuals and giving training course to operators.

1. Major in chemical engineering , bachelor’s degree or above.
2. Familiar with chemical simulation or process calculation software.
3. Experience in design institute or petrochemical and chemical industry is preferred.

  • Sales Engineer in oversea market
  • Shanghai/India/other cities in South East Asia/Middle Asia,and Latin America
  • two
  • bachelor's degree or above
  • unlimited
  • 2018-05-09
  • 2018-12-31
Monthly salary :Negotible Nature of work :Full Time Position category :
Working place:Shanghai/India/other cities in South East Asia/Middle Asia,and Latin America Hands-on background :Unlimited

Main responsibilities:
1. Promote KEYON’s brand and technology, collect market information with good understanding of market trends,locate potential customers and business opportunities.
2. Develop, establish and maintain good cooperation relationship with major business owners, design institutes, engineering contractors, engineering design and engineering management companies in relevant industries.
3. Contact and visit customers for accurate customer needs and requirements, provide customers proposals working with technical departments,  conduct bidding and negotiations to achieve the sales target.
4. Coordinate with customer for payment issues, delivery issues and contract amendments as required during the execution of a contract, support the commissioning and after-sale service.

Position summary:
1. Responsible for promotion and sales of chemical engineering technology and equipment in oversea market

1. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, trading or chemical engineering, fluent in English/Spanish/Russian.
2. Experience in oil/gas/chemical industry with understanding of engineering projects.
3. Self-motivated, demonstrated and convincing communication skills to articulate technology and equipment to potential users.
4. Positive human relations and pressure resistant attitude in order to establish and maintain customer relationship.
5. Willing to travel.

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